Are you interested in joining a coffee shop franchise? How to know if you’re picking the right one!

Opening a coffee shop can be tricky and even overwhelming. You have so much to think about. Whether it is pricing, marketing, sourcing your ingredients, or training your employees, if you decide to be a coffee shop owner, you have a lot of thinking to do. Unless of course you choose to join a coffee shop franchise instead, where the thinking, the branding, and all the business planning has already been done for you!  But how do you know you're picking the right coffee shop franchise? There are a few really important questions you have to ask yourself before joining one. It is a big commitment, so you want to make sure you get it right.

Is this coffee shop franchise affordable?

The first question you have to ask yourself is whether or not this coffee shop franchise is affordable? It may seem amazing to own a Tim horton’s or a Starbucks, but you have to remember that they both have very hefty buy-in prices, and because of that it usually isn't the best decision for most. You want to find a coffee shop franchise that has a strong brand, is successful, and most importantly is affordable. You don’t want to spend all of your money on your buy-in fee, and not have any left for other necessary business expenses.


Does this coffee shop franchise understand brand awareness and marketing?

You also want to find a coffee shop franchise that understands the importance of branding and marketing. Believe it or not, building a strong brand name in the coffee shop industry is crucial to success. Coffee shops can really be part of the community, so if you don't have a plan to get customers through the door, then you won't be successful.


Will this coffee shop franchise give me the support I need?

It is important to find a coffee shop franchise that will be there to make your journey as a business owner, as smooth as possible. You don’t want to be left alone with unnecessary headaches when you open your coffee shop. You want to find a coffee shop franchise that can provide you with business mentorship, and operational support, to make sure you have every aspect of the business covered, and that you won’t run into any unnecessary hurdles.


Does this coffee shop franchise have a vision that I can be a part of?

 Once you have answered the previous questions, you have to find a coffee shop franchise that you believe in. Like I said before, this is a pretty big decision. Owning a business and joining a coffee shop franchise is a big commitment, so you have to make sure that you believe in the vision. Before joining any franchise, figure out what their vision for the future is. Does it align with what you want for your coffee shop?